This week’s In Development – What 2 life gets you and does to the game

Regular readers of In Development have probably noticed that I’m not one for set reviews. Part of this is that I tend to zone out a little if I try to comment on each and every card in a new set. The rest is that we already have Luis doing the best set reviews around, so there’s no need to waste my time writing a review that will cover less ground than Luis does.
However, when there are new mechanics, I like to talk about those.
In this week’s In Development, I tackle Phyrexian mana – those funky little colored phi symbols that let you pay life rather than mana, should you be so inclined. Phyrexian mana lives in the land of alt costs, and I’m a big fan of those…as well as addressing each new idea that’s queued up to “ruin Magic forever.”
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