This week’s In Development – podcasting! (not that kind)

It’s In Development time again, and this week the topic of choice is a card you may well have expected me to have written about already – Birthing Pod! What does it do? How does it impact the game? What’s the best Birthing Pod deck out there, and how can the Pod (appropriately) lead us down the path to subtle yet inexorable failure?
It’s all in there, along with some deck lists, 75% of which can end the game with one or another variety of infinite combo (including Jonathon Loucks’ craziness from the Seattle Open, which features two takes on arbitrarily large numbers).
So click here to read the article, then join the conversation. Which Pod is best?
Note that The Field Report is being deferred one week as I spent all my free time this week trying to break the commodity chemicals metagame instead of Standard.

1 thought on “This week’s In Development – podcasting! (not that kind)

  1. Hi Alex,
    My name is Yan. I am a student from Georgia Tech. I am writing a paper about player experience with board games. I hope that I can cite one of your pictures about ‘Magic: the Gathering’ that you posted on
    I sent you a msg on the boardgamegeek website but did not receive your feedback. So I followed the link listed in your profile and came to this site. If you agree that I can use your picture, I will include your name and blur the face of the players in my paper. But if you prefer me not to use your picture, I totally understand as well. In any case, I am thankful to see your picture that showed the setting of a non-digital board game, which is surprisingly similar to digital board games (i.e. the Eye of Judgment).
    If you are interested, I will also send you my paper after some revisions are done.
    Thank you very much!

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