Coolest message board response ever

Read the first post, then scroll down to the long post by “Warlord Ralts.”

Ported comments:
2004-07-15 03:00 pm UTC (link) DeleteFreezeScreen Select
You can blame Tom Clancy for this one, I suspect. One of his novels has someone commit a murder using a bang stick, and there is a certain class of munchkin that worships him. It’s worth noting that the bang stick in the novel was an ordinary commercial model, not the ridiculous thing the post described. Given the description of the weapon I’d be inclined to add one extra possible malfunction, if it isn’t already somewhere in the thread – if you fumble while pulling it out from under your coat you blow your own foot off…
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2004-07-15 07:09 pm UTC (link) DeleteFreezeScreen Select
That guy is impressively mad.