By and about Chandra Nalaar


Chandra art by Jason Chan

“Which do you think is a better deterrent: a moat of water or one of fire?” – Circle of Flame

“‘Utterly’ is my favorite way to destroy something.” – Craterize

“You’re in luck. I brought enough to share.” – Flames of the Firebrand

“Spontaneous combustion is a myth. If you burst into flame, someone wanted you to.” – Incinerate

“Who’d want to ignite things one at a time?” – Pyroclasm

“Lighting a fire needs kindling and heat. You be the kindling. I’ll bring the heat.” – Magma Rift

“Those who wish to invade our monastery, please take it up with my servant.” – Inferno Elemental

“I like it here. You always get a little more for your mana.” – Rumbling Aftershocks

“The land here seems go out of its way to kill you.” – Seismic Shudder

“I asked if they wanted to do things the easy way. I meant easy for me.” – Chandra’s Fury

“I’ve lit most everything on fire—trees, rocks, even the water. Now it’s time to burn the clouds.” – Chandra’s Spitfire

About Chandra…

After the fourth time Chandra left a place engulfed in flames, she decided to just go ahead and make it her thing.Seal of Fire

Chandra never believed in using her “inside voice.”Chandra’s Outrage

“So many have died in search of that map. And now it appears in the hands of the arrogant child Chandra Nalaar.” – Anowon, the Ruin Sage

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